Drumming                     for Autism


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David Shaman began the School Peacemaker Program in 2006 in response to what he recognized as a growing need for nonviolent education among school-aged youth. With a clipboard and a dream, Shaman began interviewing school social workers, principals, therapists and parents as to how best he could be of service.


The School Peacemaker Program soon blossomed into a comprehensive program utilizing puppetry, self-esteem awareness, role-playing and drumming. After building the program for several years, a friend of David's who worked with autistic children suggested that the drumming might be beneficial for kids diagnosed within the autistic spectrum.


David then consulted with Thomas Altaffer, LCSW. Tom is a leading autistism professional in the South Jersey area. Tom concurred that the potential benefit that drumming could provide for the autistic child might be great and generously contributed his time and knowledge toward supporting the launch of the project.


Objectives of the Drumming for Autism Project include increasing and improving socialization as well as reducing anxiety and behavioral problems.


Some experts believe that drumming can help autistic children access different parts of their brains, specifically, their right-brain. The right-brains of humans are responsible for emotions, intuition,     artistry and relaxation.  All of us benefit from stimulating our right-brains, but the autistic and attention-deficient child stands to potentially benefit by leaps and bounds. It is possible, therefore, that drumming can provide a type of neurological repatterning for these children.


By networking and collaborating with other cutting-edge individuals and organizations in South Jersey David Shaman hopes to expand the benefit of this work to everybody that he can.